Blogging is something I’ve always wanted to do, and there are actually several old blogs of mine out there somewhere that I never really got into because I did not understand the (very) basics of blogging. And to be honest, I still don’t. I get really confused. Really fast. And sometimes I get frustrated and just close my laptop and come back another day.

But maybe it’s because I’ve been reading more blogs lately (Check out Little Miss Momma, because she is my favorite!) Or maybe it’s because I’m getting older and realizing I want to do something with my life. I feel more inspired to at least try to be somewhat consistent as I blog this time. And I’m determined to actually learn how to use WordPress (if that’s possible).

– – –

Light a Little Candle. What do you think? Does it sound lame? I honestly couldn’t decide on a name for my blog, so I looked at my Pinterest boards for inspiration. And the quote, “A candle loses nothing from lighting another candle,” has always really stuck in my mind. I think it is such a great concept. And that is exactly what I want to do with my blog. I want to provide inspiration, share pictures, talk about life, and above all… I want to glorify God. If it were not for Him, I would not have a life worthy of blogging.

At this point I have all of these visions of where this blog will take me, but only time will tell.

Sometime really soon I will write more about myself so you can get to know me. But you’ll just have to wait for that.


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I’m so excited to follow along Jessica! I have really enjoyed blogging. It feels like a new and unique creative outlet. However, I have found that I cannot make it just another “to-do” and worry too much about a blogging schedule or consistency… because that makes it another source of stress rather than an outlet! Everyone is different but I like to just blog when I feel inspired! Have fun!

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